Note to Self #5


<< Lots of train, general excitement and new things >>

I don’t really know where to start with this one to be perfectly honest. This has been the longest (in a sense – fulfill-est) month yet. The first 4 and a half days of May i spent at home trying to catch some sun and enjoy all the things i can while being there. Then came back and for a week tried to be a good person. Tried to be consistent at creating and uploading on instagram a little hand-lettering piece every day and do other creative things that i eventually fell behind with. BUT the week after that the excitement happened and my life slightly turned upside down for a moment. It’s still upside down actually, but everything is slowly falling into the right places.

~Life events~

New job – CAD designer

Yep, you read me right, i got a new new job. I did get one before, just in February, but now it’s May, or was May, and now i have a different job. It’s now been three weeks in and i still cannot believe it.

This is my first proper career job and that means the world to me, however cheesy and silly that might or does sound. Now i have a desk with a massive Mac. Three drawers where i store my three pens, two marker pens, a notebook, calculator and a stapler without staples at the moment. Also i have a three-tier document organiser-shelf-thing and a phone that has my name on it’s display. I feel so grown up.

Crazy stuff is happening in my life currently, i’m telling ya’! I am very excited, though, rather knackered too. Every day i need to commute for 3 hours in total there and back. I wake up at 5am and get back around 6pm. For the first few days i managed to keep up with my hand-lettering, but then i just had to give up.

Youtube vlogging workshop

Don’t really know which category this one should belong to, but, you know, i’m still in the early stages of figuring out these silly things.

Gonna start a new career – Youtube. Ha! Well, we shall see. For now, the only reason why i decided to attend this workshop in Bradford, that is not really next door for me, is because of who was the host. – Charli Marie. She is honestly my online-designer-girl crush and has been for two years now. I’m seriously embarrassed at times because i feel like i shouldn’t be obsessing about her or anyone like that, but she has become my number one motivator and source of inspiration and reason to believe in myself. So cheesy… 😀

me and charli
And here’s the proof that i actually saw her 😀


I started a business

Did you see what I did there? Attention grabbing headline. To intrigue you. Well it was just a joke. A little fib.

Do you remember the cardigan that i knitted last month? Yes, yes, the one 5 sizes too big, that’s the one. I took it home and gave it to my mum. (not that she’s five sizes bigger than me, that was a bad joke there) Apparently she liked it and now wants me to knit another one just in white. So that is what I’m doing. This time however i bought slightly thinner knitting needles so hopefully this one will turn out to be the right size and everything.


After having and using only white sketchbooks for countless years, i was very excited to find this cardboard-coloured one in the local shop at my hometown. Like i mentioned briefly in the beginning, i really tried to be good and consistent, but unfortunately i only lasted a few days. Once i get accustomed with all the traveling i will jump back right into that.



5 year Q&A

A lot of this month’s questions i answered with a question myself…

Are you hesitating? When am i not?! If you could have a superpower just today, what would it be? To draw money. What do you want to post pone? Life, i mean growing old. Stuff changing. How do you want to be remembered? This was a really ‘pārdomu rosinošs jautājums’. If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be? … What’s the craziest thing you’re done for love? Loved?! What’s your hairstyle? Wash, brush, go!

Typodarium 2016

Can’t say i paid that much attention to my awesome font calendar this month, but still got a few favourites that i wanted to point out.

Nihon Typeface is something crazy and makes my eyesight go all funny at times, but i think it is really cool for what it is. It is is an ornamental japonism typefamily with more than 30.000(!) ligatures. It basically allows you to write and read in latin letters with an japanese appearance and i find that (weirdly) exciting. And umlauts look like silly smiley faces.

Nord is a capital letter font made for display use. It is really hard to describe this font. It looks somewhat like a stencil type, but it has few different looks. One style is created using only the dividing middle lines. You could really personalise this font by choosing to colour in different parts or leaving some out completely blank  – m mix and match!

Next one is going to be a whole foundry again, because there’s a bunch of beautiful script fonts and much more. Gloss Drop i want to point out since that one was the one in the calendar. Gloss Drop is a digitized hand lettered typeface – vibrant brush lettering – gorgeous!

And the last one this month is a Bowling Script font. Ornamental, cheerful and soft&squidgy (don’t ask why i think so).

Purchase of the month

So i decided to start something new in these monthly round up posts. I am currently keeping track of my monthly memories, which is cool, but i thought i might do that for my monthly spending as well, in a sense.

Not that i’m going round buying stuff all the time and throwing money left, right and centre. I thought i could just make an effort and actually buy something i really want each month, something bigger than a loaf of bread or a pint of milk. Actually, i just came up with the right name for this section – Investment of the month. Yes, next month i will use that.

So this month a fraction of my paycheck was spent on something totally new, unplanned but very exciting – a Youtube workshop with CharliMarieTV. It was a part of Bradford Literature festival, and as you gathered it was happening in Bradford. The main reason i went there, was to meet Charli in person, but i am actually contemplating starting a youtube channel. It’s just taking me a long time to actually start it.

It was a two hour workshop filled with very useful information and from what i briefly saw the whole festival seemed very interesting, unfortunately i didn’t know much about what else was going on. Now it’s a matter of actually finishing the video that i started two months ago and uploading it to my channel. Easy peasy!


I read too, at least i try to. I’ve subscribed to quite a lot of different newsletters and blogs and some weeks i manage to collect around 50 unread emails, but i usually try and make Sundays my recap on reading day. Decided to share few links here.

Goodread No1. Great article! It start with a rather odd sentence like – Let’s pretend for a moment that you are a giraffe, but it really has good point behind it about stress and anxiety.

The goodread No2. is by the same bloke. I couldn’t say that i agreed with everything he wrote, but the overall idea resonated with me. The things we measure are the things we improve.

This goodread No3. is simply amazing. So well put together and just makes so much sense. Really deserves a read. Everyone should read this and think about their lives. If you repeated today every day for the next year, realistically, where would you end up?

Thank you, May, you were nice!

Hey, June, what do have in store for me?!

2 thoughts on “Note to Self #5

  1. Congratulations with your job! I’m so proud of you! ^^
    Wow, you even got a picture? That’s awesome!!
    I really like the brown notebook, it’s awesome and hand-lettering looks great on it!
    I love the goodread thing, especially if you write a small recap there ^^

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