I used to draw.

Should I take up drawing again? I think I was decent enough. If i had stuck with it i might have actually ummm… gotten somewhere…

It all began in the 5th grade. My mum signed me up for an art school without my consent. Oh man, i was nooot happy. But I had to stick with it – four days out of five, for minimum of two hours after school.

Obviously now i see what an incredible opportunity that was and how much i could’ve gained out of it, but at that point i thought sitting in front of a computer doing nonsense was way more crucial and cool of course.

Now that i think, it was a really cool school. I was taught drawing, painting, pottery, art history, composition, silk painting, weaving, all sorts. I liked pretty much everything, apart from the history lessons, for obvious teenager’s reasons, and painting. I was shit at painting. I just didn’t get it. The teacher was this elderly lady and she saw different colours to me in absolutely everything.

But pencil drawing (sometimes using coloured ones or crayons) i really enjoyed. And now looking back at these 10-year-old drawings, i see that i once had a potential. There were obviously people in my course that were better than me and i think that discouraged me in a way but i probably didn’t want to admit that to myself.


Sad. Noone should feel disheartened about things like that. Practice makes it perfect, right?!


7 thoughts on “I used to draw.

  1. Nice! You should totally start up drawing again! I’m actually thinking of the same, not professionally obviously, also seeing my sister’s works I’m not sure how long I’ll last, but it might be calming!
    What’s your strongest memory from art school?

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    1. Listening to music on my phone with Satina. the very awful quality crushed songs on a very awful crackling speakers of my sony k510i if i’m not mistaken. 😀 but you know, that was the pinnacle of the teenage rebel years, i suppose.

      How about you?


      1. Haha, yes, they totally were the rebel years!
        Actually, I don’t really have a strong memory there.. Just some random ones of aušana, probably, because that was my diploma paper, doing some ceramics at the basement of the big school, sitting at the art history class, doing some drawing in the beg school with the brownish pencil, I was quite good at that, at least I think so 😛

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      2. But in your defence – you don’t really have much memories in general 😛
        if you didn’t have me to remind of things… i don’t now what you’d do 😛

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