Train Reading

ikjhng30 days ago I set myself a challenge – To read at least three books on my commute to work.

It all sounded fine and achievable, only three books when my commute is roughly 3 hours every day, what is there not to achieve. I’ve always complained that I have no time to sit down and read, but now I was given that chance.

Although the first week was great and i actually read one of the books, soon i came to realise that it is not that easy to keep reading on the train at all times.

First of all, because my day starts at five and train i catch is either at six 13 or six 41 i feel quite tired and sleepy and book reading unfortunately makes me even more sleepy. I can only manage to read half of the way which is around 20 min. Then i end up stopping, i either close my eyes and nap, or just sit and look around and try to look awake.

Second reason why i didn’t succeed at my challenge is because it is not always possible to read on the train. And that is that, i cannot do anything about it. At the end of the work day, no matter what time i finish, trains get absolutely packed out. You can barely find a standing place on the train let alone the luxury of sitting down. And i’m not a person who reads standing up and to be perfectly honest, after a long day at work where i stare at the computer screen all day long, all i want to do with my eyes is to take them out, set aside and go to sleep.

But the first book that i did manage to finish is called Thinking with Type. It’s a very cool book – a guide to using typography in visual communication, from the printed mediums to the computer screens. It was easy to read, included a lot of useful and interesting information as well as a few case studies. I can’t remember specifically why i bought it, i mean where i heard about it, but it was a good investment and is a good addition to any designer’s library.

The next book was supposed to be this 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design, but i found it very hard to read on a moving train, the print is too small and there are odd paragraphs here, there, everywhere. I read a few pages and then had to stop, my eyes were going mad, so i can’t review it just yet. But book itself is good, don’t get me wrong.

Since i didn’t have any other design books and i’m not in a place where i should buy any more, i rummaged through the tiny bookshelf i have in the flat. And the book i picked was a biography of some sorts written by no other  – Arnold Schwarzenegger. I know, i know, i’ve made a few people giggle with that book. But i am roughly half way through and i’m loving it. And i do like Arnie too, he’s so cool and his life, man, it’s unbelievable. Inspiring book that gives you hope of some kind.

The 30 days were supposed to be a pretty solid deadline for some other things, but it has been pushed into the unknown future so my train trips and reading continues. I will finish my Arnie book and then will see what will be my next choice. I have an enormous  wishlist on my amazon account, i’m sure i can pick something. 🙂

Read! It’s good for you.

3 thoughts on “Train Reading

  1. 3 books in 30 days are quite a lot! Obviously it depends on how many pictures the book has 😀 But at least you’re spending your time nicely!


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