Note to Self #6


<< More trains, stagnation, hurtful decisions and lack of frikkin’ time >>

As a disclosure – I am writing this with a glass of mojito next to me. Because, man, this was a month and a half, as Moss says (IT Crowd reference).

Let me open with ‘where the fuck did the first summer month go???’. I did not see it. Missed it completely. As a grown-up i should probably start getting used to things like that. Missing days, weeks, months out of my life while slaving for the paycheck.

I did make it overly dramatic just now. I do like my job and i am very happy to go to work, i mean, be at work every day. I am learning and improving myself every single day and that is exactly what i want to be doing. It’s the ‘go’ part that is not so great. On average, on a good day, i spend 3 hours a day travelling on a train and a bus, not including getting to the specific transport and waiting for it to arrive and shit.

I and up being sleepy in the mornings and knackered in the evenings which is a bit daunting and the feeling keeps nagging – ‘if only i had more free time i could do this this and this.’

~Life events~

Still working

Nothing’s changed. Still working, still train riding. Tried to read books, but that didn’t work out the way i initially planned.


I did go to a museum one Saturday, though. I had to do some overtime at work and there’s a museum on my way to work. It has a specific exhibition on that i was keen to check out, but i ended up missing the last admissions. Oh well, will have to go there again, plus the exhibit is on for a whole year. I am pretty confident i can do it.

The museum is called Imperial War museum, in case anyone was wondering, and it’s in Manchester. The building and the way it’s curated is truly impressive. I saw two tanks.


Shameful moment of confession. – I did bugger all this month. Nothing. Nil. Zero. Nada.


5 year Q&A

How many cups of coffee did you drink today? You’re havin’ a giraffe?! Not everybody drinkds coffee. I, for instance, am one of those who doesn’t drink coffee at all. Write the first sentences of your autobiography. Loved this one. It made me think and imagine cool things. I would probably start with something along these lines – She was naive but she tried… What’s your biggest indulgence? What isn’t? Life. Shoes. Clothes. My hobbies. Food. If your mood were a weather forecast, you’d be…? Easy – english weather.

Typodarium 2016

Very little changed this month in my calendar use either. Have to confess that there were days where i had to skip through a few pages (days), because that’s how behind i was.

But i did set some time aside to sit down and go through each font of the day. And June… man, you’re in for a treat.

ATC Timberline is my first pick of the month. Nothing too sophisticated, pretty simple i could say. I like how wide and slim it is. It looks awesome in bold, italics and plain as it is. Though what caught my eye in the first place was the look of numbers. They are extra wide and i love it.

Sanzibar Pro – oh those beautiful yet subtle swashes. Gorgeous! Swash… or not to swash… Oh, with this font – SWASH SWASH SWASH!

Purple Line script font was the one in the calendar, but when i googled it a fair few other interesting script fonts popped up from the same foundry. The website i must say is absolutely hideous, awful awful piece of code, but i managed to see past it. Presentations is awful but the presentables are good. If that makes sense.

Reklame Stencil is a different kind of stencil. At least in my opinion. I don’t know, it just stands out. I also love the round shapes together with more angled ones.

K-type is a very popular foundry often represented in the calendar and i’m pretty sure i’ve mentioned them already, but this time round i almost double-confirmed how much cool stuff they have to offer. Take your pick. Typefaces for every life situation.

Wake – a subtle font. Perhaps the word ‘subtle’ has been slightly over-used in the original description, but ignoring that, it is a very nice and simple sans serif font. Good for headlines and paragraph text and you can acquire it for a sensible donation.

Regato is such an awesome and fun font. It reminds me of cartoons or something like that. It’s really great. Love it. And the last one Fringe is from the same foundry. It’s like someone has grabbed a crayon and hand written in a relaxed way. Yes, that’s my description of this font. Sadly it has only all caps style.

Investment of the month

Yes… well… i sure spent my money ‘well’ this month… Tough everything was an investment, even those multiple croissants with chocolate filling. In one way or another, i’m sure.

I took up a courage one day and spontaneously bought a compact camera. I’ve been after one for a while, but could never really justify spending that kind of bulk sum. But it was a random saturday and i though – fuck it! and ordered a lovely Sony camera.

I have big plans that involves my new purchase… will have to just start working on them.

Also, i bought this very important thing, that might give some clues about my big plans. Lol 😀 13599619_1183318508365914_1256704017_n


I barely did any reading this month. Well, i did, in the end – smashed through like million articles. Not sure how many of them i took in, but it was worth a shot.

First article i want to share is about whether or not money can buy happiness. Without going into too much lame details i say yes! There were a few big words i didn’t quite understand though, so that might have had something to do with it.

Keywords: Cheap happiness; buying memories, invest in others, buying time

GoodRead/slash/watch – Specwork. No comments, just watch it.

As for this month’s advice (not that i did them before) – mojito and a handful of hazelnuts is not a good dinner, trust me.

Hello July. I was not expecting you so soon.

3 thoughts on “Note to Self #6

  1. Mojito is a great dinner by itself, no need for the hazelnuts!
    It’s already August! That’s crazy, I think I will never get used to this adult way of living and loosing time..
    I think you always take those Q&A questions so seriously, which is really nice!
    I’m excited to see what are you going to do with your black filmmaking thing! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Probably will keep in storage for a year or two before anything happens.

      Aren’t you taking the questions seriously? you don’t want to look back on you in five years and think you were stupid, right?


      1. Well, my dear, I’m certain no matter what you write in the O&A book, after 5 years you’ll still think how stupid you were back then :*


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