Note to Self #7


<< The great depression, constantly tired, constantly annoyed >>

If you asked me if i enjoyed this month, i would answer accordingly – ‘NO!… (think) well… i mean.. yea i did.. i suppose, but not really… it was ok… i guess… i dunno… what’s good in life anymore?!’

Somehow it felt like i hit some weird midlife crisis halfway through my twenties. Daily 9 till 5 (-ish) i felt good. I mean, i could see my life going somewhere, you know, but before and after was just a miserable time where i felt like i’m going nowhere. Backwards even.

I just don’t understand how to grownup. All i see is work, train, some chores and bed. But i am fully aware that other people commute too. It’s not like i’m the only one who has to commute and work full day and then commute back. Fine my commute might be a tad more complicated and longer time-wise, but come on (!!!) why can’t i get my shit together?!?!?!

Everything was exhausting me in July. Felt like all the things that could go wrong, did go wrong. And, you know, getting another head cold is never a great thing. So exhausted. So drained.

Actually, i will blame bloody Stagecoach. It’s a.. well a bus company. They provide transport for people. Or so i thought or so they should. They are shite at their job! They are the reason why i turned into this depressed bitter person. One thing to do and they frikkin suck at it – to provide a decent transport for people in Manchester. So i’ve been commuting now since May. That is 3 months let’s say. In those three months, the bloody bus has been on time once. That is ridiculous. Timetables are absolutely useless. I have no idea when they created them… on a different planet maybe with no cars, but not on an average day, for crying out loud.

Every day i’m there on a bus stop, bitching on twitter about them to them. But in all honesty, if i didn’t work flexi hours i would’ve been sacked months ago. You just can’t rely on public transport at all. And that’s a shame.. Terrible in fact, since i thought in every cities’ interests it is for people to use public transport instead of personal cars.  Fuck it. I’m buying a car as soon as i can.

I get that it’s a big city and traffic is what it is, but surely something could and should be done. Well for one at last they could put al realistic bloody timetables, then i’d know that no way on earth i’d get to work on time with that bloody bus.

But the service is appalling as well. So many times there’s some sort of disruption or sth, but you will never know until it is too late. (But then again, even when you think it’s too late – it isn’t, becuase the bus is always late.) On a disruption day it’s just even more late. One day i waited for 20 min, then realised the bus is diverted so i ran to a different bus stop. but i already assumed i’ve missed my bus, but no.. 4o min after that i finally came. Nice! >.>

Also, to get to the place where i work, there is only one bus that only goes there once an hour – three times in the morning and 3 times in the afternoon. It’s absurd. Currently there are roadworks happening in the area, so the traffic is a bit diverted. On the stagecoach website it says (or said, since i already complained) that the route towards my work is diverted, but going back it is as normal. So one day i stood on my normal bus stop, just to find out later that it has been divereted, so i missed it. Next day, it was the same, i mean still diverted, but this time i went to the right stop. As soon as i could get online i checked and it still said on the website – route back as normal. Normal route my ass (was exactly what i wrote to them on twitter).

I just hate when people don’t do their job to the best of their abilities. Especially a big massive fucking company that is responsible for and should be good at transporting people. I get ‘sometimes little lazy‘ or a ‘hickup‘ but Stagecoach is seriously taking the piss. In last three months i’ve seen more delays, randomly canceled buses than ever in my life. They are the most unreliable company ever. Period. Bitching rant’s over.

~Life events~

Did nothing.

Went to work.


And lived without gas for the last two weeks. Yaay.

Did go bowling though one Saturday.

Oh yeah… I tried to dye my hair orange to match my hand bag. Didn’t work out, pathetic, again.


Sickday drawingscvb


5 year Q&A

What is your motto? Just hope and cope. Who is your best friend? Liene is my best friend ^_^ What is the next book you want to read? Oh boy, you should see my wishlist on amazon. Are you wearing socks? This made me embarrassed, at the time i had both my socks on inside out. If you could hire any artist (living or dead) to paint your portrait, who would you pick? I picked Dali, cuz at that point couldn’t really come up with another artist. Are you working hard or hardly working? Loved the world play. I’d say i’m always working hard, well recently. Teenage years were a different story. Write a phrase to describe your year so far. Kā pa skabargainu kalniņu, bļe.

Typodarium 2016

July was a really out there month for my type calendar. Odd font choices, really peculiar. Some were nicer than others but then again some of them weren’t even on the internet for some strange reason. And i consider myself a good googler, before you jump to that conclusion.DSC_1896

But i did manage to pick three favourites that can be used in everyday life, you know.

First is Sliced font family. Funky stencil-like font with curves. And i’m really diggin’ those curves, man.

Kursk 105 from Talbot Type comes second. ‘Pick fruit – not fights’. Apparently it dispays some Soviet Russia design traits, but i just like the little joint detail in some letters.

Titualta – my third pick is strong and clear title font more than a bulk text one, although looks pretty legible even when used in smaller font sizes. I like those sexy curves.

Investment of the month

I had no money to spend this month so… Oh!, i did, however, buy headphones. Good ones too. Sony. I like sony. I have lots of sony stuff.


I always had trouble with big headphones like that. My head is too big and too round and they (the headphones) always squash my ears into my skull what results in a headache. I’ve gone through a few, not many, but a few of these big headphones and they never lasted long. My brother on the other hand probably loves it, since he then gets my headphones and he doesn’t have a big-head-problem like i do.

Nico, my colleague, came to work with new shiny headphones one day. They weren’t really shine, just white, but new that’s true. Basically i tried ’em, i loved ’em and had to get ’em myself. I said it i did it.

I’m more like a black-stuff-kind-of-person so i went for black. I paid roughly 30 quid, while in Selfridges they are ‘discounted’ to 80-sth and on some crazy japanese site they are still 140 which was apparently the RRP or sth. Crazy. I think they are very good for the price i paid and i am chuffed with how loose they are. Yes, some would say it’s a bad thing cuz as soon as you do a quicker head movement they slightly move and can fall off your head, but i wanted them for the sill moments in my life. And if i have to choose between sitting still or a ear slash headache, i choose sitting still.

Also they came with a pouch and they are quite compact for my handbag when folded. The leathery bits are incredibly soft and there are two different wires available, one is with a mic to use with a smartphone i guess, haven’t used that option yet.


Didn’t read a single thing. Maybe i did. But i don’t remember anything.

Hello August. Please be better…or at least less depressing

One thought on “Note to Self #7

  1. Helloo my Bestie! ^^
    Well, this month really doesn’t look that nice, but I wouldn’t say it was perfect for myself either, so I wish you a better month next month :*

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