Note to Self #8


<< Massive turn-around and bye-bye trains >>


Oh, August, you actually made me think at one point that you will let me down…

But it didn’t and that is what i should concentrate on.

Literally less than 7 days before the month run out we got a new place to live in Manchester and everything else fell into places as a result. Indescribably great!

~Life events~


One day, actually on the first working day that didn’t involve trains and even though i royally messed up my commute to work, after i already had returned home and been there a while, i noticed the clock. It said 18:12 or sth like that. That same time, let’s say a week ago, i would’ve still been on the train, minding the fact that it is almost always delayed, and even if it wasn’t i’d be walking up to the flat. But on that Tuesday i already had gone shopping, cooked and eaten dinner, checked my online corner and what not… And so when i realised that i have still had more than three hours to live while being awake, man, that was an epic feeling.


Nothing on this topic i’m afraid.


5 year Q&A

What do you lie about? I’d even lie about this. Do you make enough money? Technically, yes, i can survive of what i earn, but my lifestyle calls for a lot lot more. What are you running from at this moment? Getting old and lonely. How many stamps are in your passport? Well this one made me feel incredibly pathetic. One! And the one is a voting election related to >.> If you had to spend five years in prison, what would you finally have the chance to do? I didn’t quite get this one. I wrote that i need to sleep on it, but then forgot. Yes or no: everyone should have a backup plan. Deff… probably a backup backup one too. How would you describe your victory dance? A parody of a monkey having a stroke?!

Typodarium 2016

This is going to be the first time when i will see this month’s fonts properly. At first i just lost all interest, but then everything got packed and awaited the move.

There’s something about this font – Grotesque – but can’t put my finger on it.

Lamenta – i am so buying this font. But in general i recommend checking out the entire homepage, a few intriguing design examples i’ve seen.

This link  includes a trillion awesome fonts. I’d be here all week pointing out all of the ones i love.

ATC Rosemary reminds me of fifty shades of grey. There’s something very sexy and bold about it, not that i think the same of the film… the idea maybe.


Investment of the month

All my money this month went towards the house move.



Did i read? I think i didn’t. I finished my Arnie’s book that i started ages ago. Total Recall – great book!

HI SEPTEMBER!!!!! I’m excited to meet and greet you! 🙂

One thought on “Note to Self #8

  1. When can I go for sāls maize?
    Also, have you decided what are you going to do with all that free time that you have now?


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