Note To Self #9


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September felt like 3 months. Forgetting the fact that we moved in at the very end of August, this was the first month in the new place with new and old habits. The reason why it felt like three months is because i finally had more time on my hands. Yes, Manchester public transport is the most unreliable thing on the planned and i had some hiccups a few times here and there, obviously the weather is not getting any better here, but despite all that i had still time left after finishing work and doing the commute. How well or badly i used it is a different story.

~Life events~


Three months had passed and as soon as it hit September the 1st my gym membership was up and running again. I was excited and scared to go to my new gym. A) i didn’t really know where it was and thought it won’t be as good as Preston’s one, and b) i was scared that i’d feel like an outsider and be lame in general. Well, in one way or another it all came true on my first visit, but then it all went back to normal. Yes, the gym is a tad smaller and no new changing rooms (although i’m pretty sure it’s all planned in the nearest future) but it is still the same equipment and my dear instructor Claire is also teaching classes in that gym. So what more can i want.


He, he… Yeees, this one’s a funny one. I might’ve started a uni again. By again i mean i’ve applied for a MA course and got in. Yay!&Shit! in the same time.

I forgot what it’s like to be a student. I forgot that the books are heavy. I forgot that uni means socialising too. And i forgot how exciting it is to get a new brief.

Also, the first task is to create a blog that will eventually be assessed  by tutors, so that means i have to create a new one.


Still nothing on this topic i’m afraid.


5 year Q&A one.

Where do you see yourself in five years? You crazy, man?! Not a clue. I’m scared every day filling out this book because i think that i shall be doing the same questions in five years time. What advice would you give to a second-grader? Not that i would’ve listened probably, but – go do/try as much as you can and even more. Write down a minor, but chronic, problem. Lazinesssssss. Where do you think your road is going? Up and down and left, right, centre. Too deep, man, again, crazy?!

Typodarium 2016

Have to come clean here, again, i wasn’t following my lovely calendar this month at all. I’m ashamed. The defence that i can put forward is that i still don’t have a working space. Despite having more time i’ve not completed the unpacking and sorted the stuff out in the room. Everything is still all over the place and i don’t have a place for the calendar just yet.

After checking out September fonts i can say that simplicity was this months unwritten theme. A lot of the font where beautiful yet subtle. To an ordinary person they would appear like all the other fonts everyone’s so used to seeing online and in print.

But one of them stood out and requires a mention. Actually the whole website does – Tour de Force Font Foundry is amazing place to look for all kinds of fonts. Also they are available on MyFonts for purchasing.

BC Steiner font family is my second and last pick of this month. It is a modern serif with massive triangle-shaped serifs.

Investment of the month

Probably the uni.

Hola October! Bear with me, i still haven’t got my wellies. 

2 thoughts on “Note To Self #9

  1. It’s so great to read about your life, I would’ve liked to hear it from yourself personally though. Do you still go to all those classes in the gym? I love your new blog! How will you manage to keep both?
    And those Q&A are really making me nervous, it has almost been a year and I haven’t done anything really..


    1. Ah, you want too much from life, my friend ;P
      As it is a different gym i can’t go to all the same classes 😛 Now it’s only Sundays when i do Begin to Step & Total Tone.
      That is if i hadn’t been drinking on Saturday 😀
      As for blogs… i don’t know… just like life in general 😀 i just dooooooon’t knooooooow.
      As for Q&A, yeeeeees bloody scary that… I’ve actually started avoiding the book for few days in a row at a time cuz the questions are like sāls uz brūcēm >.>

      Liked by 1 person

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