Play Expo’16

My very first computer game that i played, not including solitaire and pinball on good ol’ Win’98, was called Prehistoric. I absolutely loved that game, but was rather crap at it, so spent most of the time watching my dad play it. You’re this little cave man with a bat-like thing and you walk around bashing creatures and eating food. Doesn’t sound like much, but i still have that game now and have tried to play it a few times. I’m still crap. Oh and the size of the game is …. it would fit on a floppy disc along with dozen other games. That is if a term floppy disc means anything to you.

The very first video game that i played was on a knock-off version of SEGA console or something along those lines. My friend had it and everytime i went over, we played Mario (of course), the one where you shoot ducks and stuff (yes, with the gun) and some street fighting game and my favourite – the tank game. It is not actually called that, but can’t remember now what it was actually called.

Then, for many many years i didn’t play anything. Again, forgetting minigames and other standard Windows featured games. However, at school, being the cool kid that i was, i played Counter Strike with my school friends. For a girl to play that game at that time was considered very cool. It didn’t matter that i was crap and didn’t really get the game and only played the endless-lives level/type/game/whatever.

The first proper video game i played, and by proper i mean the ‘cool-at-the-time’ Xbox 360, was when i was in uni. Precisely, i’d say, 5 years ago. I’m a proper noob when it comes to that shit as you have figured out by now. I got to create my own account and play Borderlands 2. That very quickly turned into my favourite game, and then i got addicted and without noticing could end up playing it till the sun came up.

And from that day onwards everything escalated veeeery quickly. I know so much video trivia that i never thought i would. I’ve tried so many different games and even finished a few of them. Basically i’m now a completely different person.

Sooo last weekend i went to a games expo in Manchester called Play Expo. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Well i expected different games, probably see some cosplay people and you know, usual market stalls with either ridiculously expensive or crappy made in China – сделано нечайно stuff on sale.

I was in awe when we entered the pavilion. There were sooooo many things happening at once that i didn’t really know what to look at. There was everything i thought there would and hundred times more.

I got to play old arcade games for the first time in my life. I did 1st level of PacMan, and yes, that is an achievement for me. Failed miserably at Street fighter 2 but apparently did very well on the Adams Family Pinball machine. I saw so many different games and games consoles i didn’t know even existed. There were dozens of different areas – areas for different computer games that includes Minecraft for kids and Counter Strike which i was incredibly surprised is still going. Few different console gaming areas – old, new, single, group, duel. Amazing place!

It is a weekend thing, but that is more for the hardcore games. We spent there a couple of hours, played a few games, bought some unnecessary import things and left happily. But if similar thing happens next year, i shall consider on going again. This time i will be prepared and hopefully it will be less overwhelming.

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