Lancaster Music Festival ’16

Not that i’m getting used to this, but last weekend was a rather busy one for me again. This time we went to listen to some live music in Lancaster.

If not for Neil and his obsessive passion for live music and this festival, i might have never visited Lancaster otherwise.


We arrived in Lancaster shortly after one o’clock in the afternoon. By half one we already had pints in our hands and we were listening to some amazing rockabilly music in some pub.

The whole city was taken over by live music that day, that week in fact. I’m pretty sure you were able to hear it where ever you were. Every pub/club/cafe had some artist performing there. According to the guide in total there were 400 acts in more than 40 locations.

It was so hard to chose from. But we had a couple of venues and a couple of artists/genres that we wanted to see. We didn’t know any of the bands playing, we just read the names and were like – yep, gotta see that. One of them was a band called – Intensely Staring Cats. Exactly, we had to see them. They played lots of cover and they were all awesome. In a different pub just before we came across Hiroshima Twinkie. We wanted to see them because they’d described them as playing Twisted Folk, and that made us veeeery curious.

They turned out absolutely brilliant. They had some cover songs, but we also heard a bunch of their own songs and they were all amazing. Fun, free, singable, great!

Towards the end we settled in two pubs to watch football because where’s Neil, there’s football. But music was still going so it was great. Feel like I’ve said great a lot of times already here, but that’s how it was – great.

Obviously the whole town centre was filled with market stalls, food tents and all sorts of activities tents. I had a super-tasty nutella & almonds crepe, but Chris bought himself a American candy Mystery box, because he just couldn’t decide and the guy selling probably got fed up with him and suggested the mystery box. Well, for a fiver, it was definitely worth it.


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