Note To Self #10


<< October  >>

If last month felt like something, this felt like a five second blur. I realised that it was October 3 days before it hit 24th October. That was when i realised it is is 3 days till my best friends birthday and also when i realised that i am a shit friend because i hadn’t prepared for her birthday in any kind of way. October hit me hard.

~Life events~


Couple of weekends were busy for the first time in a while and not gonna lie – it was pleasant for a change. First i went to a PlayExpo’16 in Manchester which was an experience and a half, then the weekend after i went to Lancaster, might i add – for the first time, to listen to some live music as it was the Music Festival week.



In an ideal world i would share amazing links from my uni’s blog, but, lets face it, it is not an ideal world. So stay tuned for November, maybe, not, don’t know, i’m tired, go away.


I should just take out this section for my own sake.


5 year Q&A one.

Lately those questions are like acid to my wounds. Honest to god, sometimes it feels like somebody is just trying to make fun of me.

In three words, describe your love life. Ha! Are you happy with your choices today? Ha! Like i ever am. You want a new..? Everything?! How much time do you spend commuting? Too long?! Write a haiku about your day. What? I don’t understand. You make me feel stupid. Who is the last person in your missed calls? Great, PPI people. Nobody else calls me. How are you? Write it in a rhyming couplet. Now you’re just taking the piss. How do you feel about your body? Seriously?

Please tell me you too see a nasty pattern there >.>

Typodarium 2016

Straight to the point – my two (three) favourites this month –

Kelso by TalbotType. Incredible one stroke letters that create an amazing look – big or small.

Kamilitza by Mariannan Orsho – for now just as a demo version but according to the website the full version is coming out soon. It’s a cross stitching-like font which i, as a secret cross stitching enthusiast, dig very much so.

And the third one was nowhere to be found online unfortunately.


Investment of the month

All my money went towards tickets to go home and all the presents

I shall say hi to you November before you’re over. I’m late to the party.

2 thoughts on “Note To Self #10

  1. Haha, yes, I don’t know if I can forgive you for not making me a present, you’ll probably have to work on that..
    Thank you for the candies though ^^
    I really think the Q&A book is after me, where did all those silly meaningless questions go?
    Also? Who are PPI people?


    1. Oh, they just call you and try to trick you into applying for things. and paying money and scamming… it’s a bunch of things that are referred to as ppi people.
      they (questions) where at the beginning of the book. but no worries. you’ll have them again soon enough…. cuz years i frikkin almost over :OOOOOOO o.O


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