Note To Self #11


<< Shit’s only getting harder >>

If i thought October was tough, oh boy was i naive and so not prepared for the November ride. I don’t know how other people do this… life thing. I used to be adequate at it, i think, but what ever happened recently has thrown me off balance so much that i can’t pick up the pieces anymore. The newly acquired panic slash anxiety attacks (which sounds stupid, but that’s the only legit explanation for the symptoms slash feelings i’ve been having despite being really good at not giving a flying fucks most of the time) suck ass.

Though a thing or two were rather nice this month too.

~Life events~


Going home gives me mixed feeling, but this time i just tried to take in the good ones.

All i could spare were two weekdays plus a weekend. Counting the the two days as travel, i only had two days at home. It had been a while, last time i went home in April/May, it was good to be back.

How can we not talk about family when family’s all that we got?



I am honestly taking this bit out.


5 year Q&A one.

What’s your biggest expense right now? As always – me. When did you last hold a baby? No, it did not spark a motherhood flame. Two years or so ago. What topic are you bored talking about? Life plans. Is there anything missing in your life? Oh here we go again… What is your dream job of the day? This one actually didn’t make me angry or upset because i kinda really like my current job. What do you have to get done? Everything! What are you trying to do? Everything!

Typodarium 2016

So many gems this month. Here are my three favourites…

First – the Hedon font family. Simply gorgeous. It is an exotic example of how the geometry of modern grotesques could be blended with thin and thick lines familiar to serif fonts without actually crossing the doorstep of the Serif’s house.Which pretty much means that this font feels like a serif without being one. It’s great because it’s good for texts and headlines and for anything you can think of. Beautiful and subtle yet very posh.

Second – BC Reformulateincredibly monospaced. It plays with your perception. At first glance it looks like casual type-writer-like font, then at the second glance it looks like calligraphy font. Only once you’ve looked at it for a while you realise it’s all of the above. Crazy. It looks old and modern at the same time.

Third is just ‘drop’ ‘dead’ gorgeous. Luxus Brut Sparkling – that’s the font you want on your posh invitations and everything else that needs grabbing somebody’s attention in a pleasant and very exciting way. Beautiful script font that makes me think of parties, night full of starts and a bottle of bubbly. On a beach perhaps…

Investment of the month

This was a truly painful month for my wallet. But it needed to be done. I took advantage of the Black Friday deal (on a Sunday may i add) and got myself a new laptop. I was in a need for one for a long while and now i have one. It’s a Dell (Adell, got the pun?!) lol. Been carefully playing with it for days now and i’m in loooove.

Now i have noooo excuses for not creating stuff, apart from, of course, the time. Yes, i still can’t seem to get a hang of it.

Hi, December, you alright?! Wasn’t expecting you. Like at all. But hey, you’ll be over in a heart beat and i won’t even notice, right? lol, sad lol. 

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