Note To Self #12


<< That’s it, another year over >>

How does these things happen? Where does the year go when it ends? It must be up to something surely. It goes into a dark corner and laughs about what it did to people probably.

~Life events~

A lot happened this year if i think about it. A new job, new hobbies, new city, new studies. Many new and exciting things happened. A lot of maybe not so good things happened too, but, hey, it can always be worse, right.


I bought many toys this month. All of them are one way or another a creative output. I did make a few things, but nothing worth mentioning yet, but i have to say, this month was a lot better then the few last ones.


5 year Q&A one.

And so i’ve made all the way through the book. Unbelievable. Will have do the same thing aiill over again. Already embarrassed by my last year’s answer for the 1st on Jan. Great start.

Do you want to know how it ends? Yes, to know it’s all ok. And, No, just in case it isn’t. Who do you miss? The good ol’ days. Where do you see yourself next year? Most likely exactly where i am now. Where do you find joy? In creating things. What’s on your wishlist? Geez, too much. I need Amazon vouchers. Anyone?! Why are you impressive? Am i? If you had to move to a new city, where would you move? Spain. Doesn’t matter. Spain! When was the last time you felt at peace? What is peace? What are your top three wishes? More time, a car and amazon vouchers.

Typodarium 2016

I am pretty sure this months favourites i have already mentioned before because i came across them googling other ones.

Courtesy Script – oh i wish that was my hand-writing.

HapticScript – For this one i need to learn more adjective words in English to be able to describe it. It is attention grabbing script font. It’s also playful.

ATC RIPLEY – even though i mentioned this before… it is clearly worth mentioning again.

CHARMANTE – hand lettered all-caps font that ‘charms the pants off you’ apparently.

Dobro was the Christmas special this year. It’s a serif by Mariana Alen that looks somewhat squidgy to me. I like it. It’s good for text as well as titles. Also numbers look nice. Shame, it doesn’t seem to be available for purchasing.

So, the last font of the year has been torn away. It was a fun journey. As a matter of fact it was so fun, that i’m going on it next year as well. My Typodarium 2017 is in the post.^_^

And here we are. The year is over, but before i go and wrap this all up, read this – THIS – a goodread, it’s worth it.

Happy New Year everyone. May it be merry, fortunate and amazing!

Fireworks on tv.jpg

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