Oh Balls!

Sooo… I knitted well before it was cool, i just didn’t do anything about it.

And now i realise that the most of the world is knitting not the same way as i am – i.e. – weird, so i decided it is to share my side of the story.

It might sound funny, but i learnt to knit in Latvian. I was very young and my grandma was the one that taught me how to knit. She’s been knitting ever since i can remember, she’s epic. But that’s the story for most Latvians.

She didn’t teach me technique names or terms, she just showed me basics and it was enough. We also all had to do knitting at school. Like every year for the first few years. Had to do mittens, socks, jumper… But i was lazy and at the time i thought knitting was stupid, so my grandma ended up finishing all my projects, so i’d get a good grade. I feel stupid now, like i wasted a million tons of opportunities and knowledge.

Years later i realised that knitting is cool and i want to know more and be able to do more. That is when i realised that someone has tried their best to confuse the shit out of people who would like to get into knitting or just refresh their memory and learn something new and cool.

From the beginning, my knitting career was always based on a just do it attitude. I learnt to knit without any fancy names for things or techniques. Knitting was knitting.. When i first saw a knitting pattern in English, i thought that was a secret spy code. For whatever reasons, most knitting out there is made like that – complicated. Needles to say, i needed lots of help and the result was still not great.

It didn’t stop me, i tried again and the results were better. It takes a while to get my head around any pattern, but, hopefully, the more i go through them, the better my understanding will get. I’m lazy, i cannot be arsed to live a complicated life and do complicated knitting, so i thought i’d try and maybe show a simpler side of the knitting – my side. From beginning till end – tutorials and finished projects, i’d like to share all. Will see how it goes…

oh balls


3 thoughts on “Oh Balls!

  1. That is so true!! I love that everyone, who had a grandma or knitting mom, gave assignments to them.
    I do like knitting, especially if it is easy! This one time I thought I might try to search for something more interesting on the web and I realized that everyone else knits differently, so either you watch videos and follow whatever it is that they do or just stick to whatever you do!

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