Bolero Take 2. FO#2

I do like to backtrack my steps.

This is an embarrassingly old thing to be writing about now, but i wanted it all to be nicely in order when i first started this, so i’m doing it now.

I was, of course, half way though my masters degree, so that made things difficult. What made me start it all then, heck knows, however, it’s all done now. I’ve received my paper stating that i am a master of… (lets skip that) and i also had a couple of months to do absolutely nothing…

So before new year comes and i make it into yet another new year’s resolution that will fail soon after, i am going to write it all up now and get up to speed with all my knitting.

When my first attempt at King Coles Opium bolero turned out to be on the larger size, i decided to give it another shot. This time i went with a cream colour and needle size 4 1/2mm.



It worked! Maybe the leap from 6mm needles to 4 and a half is too drastic or nothing at all, but in this case is worked for me. I still didn’t do the gauge thing, because, lets face it, it wouldn’t be me.

The new bolero shrunk in size significantly but, because of my still loose knitting, it was baggy enough to my liking. Even though i made it a couple of years ago, i’ve only worn it twice and that’s within last few months. Reason? Just never got round?!

IMG-20180728-WA0009I wore it to a wedding as, despite it being the middle of the summer, the heat wave here in England was gone and i needed something to keep me warm. It matched perfectly to my champagne dress and looked presentable enough to be worn on such an occasion. 

The not so glamorous picture of me – proof of wear. Haha.





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