My First WAK. FO#3

Up until this time last year, i didn’t even suspect how big and popular knitting had got from when i was last around it back at school. At that time it was still considered a valuable skill so everyone had to learn it but it was mainly practised by grandmothers. And even while working in Abakhan, without doing any proper customer research, i could notice the average age group of those buying yarn.

Whatever the algorithm that Facebook used on me, but it lead me to We Are Knitters site. The first impression was good. Great in fact. I’ve never seen hand knitting and yarns being shown in such a modern and hip way. I could see myself being interested in knitting if i was a young individual, who never had done it before and didn’t know anything about it.

Despite the price tags, everything looked very tempting. I made my purchase during a sale period, so that definitely helped make my mind up and i actually bought two different sets. Not that i’d be buying the same set…


Doughnut Beanie & Snood

Previously, i had to go through a nightmare to find a decent hat for my ever so round head. Then, one year, my friend knitted me a perfect hat for my ever so round head. I was over the moon. I had one year of rocking a perfect hat. Unfortunately it disappeared the following year. Maybe the dog ate it or my mum ‘tidied’ it away… I was asking that same friend for a new hat for two years… Apparently she had forgotten the pattern… (i am using the extra dots to emphasise how not impressed i am… still… to this day…) Then she finally knitted me a hat, two in fact. But, to my deepest disappointment they both were nothing like that perfect hat 😦 My hat stories are truly dramatic, is what i’m trying to say, so i decided to take matters in my own hands and finally learn to knit hats for myself. From the look of it, that pattern was very close to the style i was after so i gave it a go. All in all, great. The wool is amazing. And the needles are fantastic. Colours are exquisite and quality too. Pattern also made sense. If you twisted my arm and made me say one critique, it would me aimed toward myself. Of course i did swatch or check the gauge, so my hat ended up more on the loose side. If the wind picks up, i have to hold it down. Other than that – perfecto!

Abruzzo Sweater

It took me a while to pick a sweater pattern and i think i picked it without realising it was pima cotton. Never had i knitted with only cotton before nor a project of that size. The idea was daunting. Despite being aware of the scale of this project, i still thought swatches are for pussies so i dove right into it. End result – one hell of a baggy top. But i have to say, i like it. I learnt that cotton is a tricky material to work with, it’s cheeky. While i was knitting it didn’t seem as big, but once everything was finished and sewn up, gravity did it’s trick i suppose and it sagged, expanded. It wouldn’t hurt to get a hang of my tension…And again, have to say – the colours were incredible and quality superb. Pattern also was ok. Unfortunately one needle came less pointy than the other which was a shame, but other than that i couldn’t fault it. Would i suggest this brand? – Yes. Full price… – if you can afford it 🙂 



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