Random Beanie. Wip#1

Yay, finally a WIP post…

Basically this last weekend i caught myself being a bit lost. For a while i had to restrict myself from personal knits as i had lots of Christmas knits on the go and pressing for time. But now all of them are finished yet it hadn’t settled in my brain that i am free for selfish knit.

Gosh is that nice or what?!…

I do still have a few things to backtrack in my knitting timeline, and, of course, all the Christmas FO’s, however all that needs to wait. Christmas ones – self explanatory – it hasn’t been Christmas yet, nothing has been gifted and nothing has been received and opened. And as for the older FO’s – i’m fed up and want some current, fresh news here.

So… I decided i needed a DK weight hat. Purely because i had bought too much DK yarn recently by accident… she says. I have a couple hats and a headband made from chunky wool rowing’s and they are very warm, too warm in fact, so i wanted something thinner.

I had been looking for a suitable pattern for a while. Even though i was restricting myself from casting/working on selfish projects, i couldn’t stop myself from looking.

Searched far and wide… and finally yesterday i found this simple free beanie pattern on ravelry by Halldora J.

Up until now, i had only made socks with this yarn weight, so i didn’t know how many stitches it would require. Bloody 120… Not gonna lie – that made me reconsider whether or not i really want to start a hat. But i grabbed my 3 mm circular knitpro needles, did my 120 stitches and got to work the ribbing. At one point i thought i made too many stitches so i decreased by knitting two together, then i realised that i just messed up the ribbing so ended up having to increase mid knit. Typical…

At the moment i’m eight ish rows into the main body. Being me, of course, i’m already not following the pattern. To be perfectly honest, i just wanted to know how many stitches a hat requires in DK yarn, the rest i thought, i could magic up myself.

At the moment only ‘alteration’ is the twisted rib round in the main body, the rest is like the patterns says. Oh, no, i lied! The pattern also called for 4 mm needles for main body, but i only had 5 mm, so i went with that…



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