Let’s Try Cable. FO#5

So for my next WAK project i decided to step up a notch, obviously … It so happened that i was going home for a bit, so i got my nan to teach me to knit a basic cable. I even got us recorded in a video doing the cable because knowing me i would’ve forgotten everything by the time i got round to my project.

I had a pattern for a Kinesis jumper along with the lovely petite wool, but i did a bit of thinking and realised that jumpers don’t really suit me that well. I would say my body shape is very much against jumpers, especially the chunkier ones. I’d end up looking like a lolly-pop.

Cardigans on the other hand… in my opinion which’s probably bollocks in one way or another, not only suit me better, but are also much more practical. Hence, I decided to somewhat follow the pattern, but alter it so it transforms from a jumper into a cardigan.

I’ll just jump straight to the results. –

I learnt that basic cable is quite easy, but you do need to pay attention to what you’re doing, it’s easy to fuck up. Turning a jumper into a cardigan is harder than it initially seemed. I learnt that i need to learn not only sizing, but my own bloody knitting style by which i mean swatching for once and checking my gauge. (Still has not happened to this day so not sure where i’m going with this…)

I liked –

I thought i did very well on my cabling. The little decreasing cable up to the collar especially were quite neat. I even managed to pretty much make it identical on both sides. I say pretty much because i didn’t, but it is so damn close that it still counts. Colours were also a good match. Loving the olive green and taupe and having black for cuffs, collar and edges just made sense. The invisible seam on the sides was top notch. Stupidly proud of myself. Oh and a matching hat from the leftovers, i’m just sassy…

I didn’t like –

Size, well…, it’s maybe a tad too baggy now that i’ve worn it, but just the sleeves really… I didn’t block it. I didn’t know what blocking means. No pockets. Pockets are vital as i’ve discovered, but that’s way next level…


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