Tussock Jumper. WIP#2

In hindsight i see how random and indecisive i am, however, i think it mostly ends up alright…

Earlier this year i got myself a present… like any other time, so the time stamp here is not that important. I subscribed myself a monthly knitting magazine – the Knitter. I followed the issue on twitter for a while and lots of cool things kept popping up time to time so decided i needed a little bit of that i my life. March was the first issue i received, it was very exciting, not gonna lie. I know i’ve paid for that, but it always make me happy to receive shit through post haha.

I flipped through the pages, appreciated all the pretty pictures and left at that, moved on with my life. End of March was the time when i was going to Edinburgh Yarn Festival… in Edinburgh as you might’ve guessed. At the back of my mind i knew i will need a project for the train there and back. Preferably a fresh cast on to which i later could refer to as my EYF ****… thing

I was wracking my brain a lot, thinking of what to knit, should i just continue/finish what i already have on the needles? – my mittens? ( You haven’t seen them yet) … my other mittens? (neither have these) None of it seemed to appeal to me. Then i flipped through the magazine one more time and the bright idea was born – the Tussock jumper by Martin Storey – DK base.


I checked the required yarn quantity, then checked my stash and < hell yeah > it was on. I had loads left from my Christmas presents, the exact colours as in the pattern – mustard and teal, so then it was just the yarn for the main body in question… But wait – didn’t i buy some black DK before Christmas for a different jumper i never obviously started? Of course i did. Perfect! And so i cast one that evening right there and then.

I didn’t swatch, i kind of checked the measurements and i almost had the right needles required.

Cast on and hope for the best… 

I finished the back, i used 3mm knitpro interchangeable needles for the whole thing. I cast on the front using straight needles purely because i find it slightly easier to a)cast on and b)it’s easier to count the bloody stitches when there’s a lot of them. First few rows on straight and then i transfer back onto my loop as the weight of the garment eventually would be too straining on the straight needles anyway. I also cast on pocket lining. I wish i could work on all pieces simultaneously, but for now i just do a little bit here and a little bit there hoping that speeds up the process.


But speaking of pockets, aren’t they cute ^_^  I like the simplicity of this garment and i’m a fan of raglan knitting and the fit in general. It’s knit up in pieces, but then joined at the yolk and the collar is finished in a round, me thinks, i haven’t read the pattern till the end.

I shall continue at a later date…



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