Knitcrate. Yarn Subscription

I am fairly behind with life in general so i don’t know how surprised or excited i should be about things but, nonetheless, with this i was.

A while ago, pretty much when i discovered knitting podcasts on YouTube, i discovered Knitcrate – a monthly yarn subscription. At the time there were a few different subscription types, but the idea behind all of them was pretty much the same – You sign up and every month you get a box with yarn and patterns in it. If you stay away from spoilers on social media, you get a very lovely monthly surprise. ^^


It’s an American company currently offering three memberships –

Knitcrate Membership – here you get one or more full size skeins of luxury yarn and two+ patterns. There’s always one knitting and one crochet pattern for the yarn that you receive.

Sock Crate Membership – What it says on the tin – you get a single full size skein of yarn and a sock pattern. The yarn in this box always stays between the fingering to sport weight whereas the original membership can get you wide variety of yarn weights.

Then there’s the third box which i know nothing about so can’t and won’t say anything about it until i try it…

Back to the boxes i know

I first signed up for the original Knitcrate back in January. I really wanted to do it for a while so i used a discount code and signed myself up. Speaking of discount codes – here’s a link to one ^^ – KNITCRATE . With the conversion, the price to me seems very appealing  even without the discount hence i’ve been a subscriber since the beginning of the year.

It was exciting, not gonna lie, at that point i hadn’t seen any spoilers so it was a surprise to me. For the price you pay i consider this a very good monthly treat. Yarn so far has been really good quality, so so squishy and gorgeous. It comes from America, but you don’t need to pay shipping, just the wait is longer for Europe. For an Amazon Prime subscriber, it’s hard i tell you, but i manage.

Only once i had a hiccup with the customs and ended up paying custom tax or whatever. It was annoying but apparently it was one off mistake on Knitcrate part, something to do with how they label/ship things. Don’t know, not gonna make shit up.

However, that one custom charge did scare me into cancelling my membership, but not completely – i switched to the sock crate. It’s cheaper so my thinking behind it was that i would have to pay less for customs if it came to it. It never did and i am very happy for choosing the sock crate and have stuck with it for a few months.

I have to admit though, i enjoy the yarns a lot more than the patterns they come with. Even though i receive the sock yarn i get the same pattern booklet other box would so i can see them all, that’s why earlier i mentioned two+ patterns. I like that there’s one of each – crochet & knitting (+knitting sock pattern), but so far none of them have stood out for me to want to do them. Sock patterns i do find pretty, however, i’m not in a stage for intricate fancy socks yet.

For a long time i was just hoarding the yarn, it took me for ever to actually cast on and do anything with the yarns that i got. All of them are lovely, don’t get me wrong, almost too lovely in fact hence i couldn’t bear the thought of not having the skeins anymore.

Eventually Chris helped me to get past it, he requested i make something for him. I used the worsted yarn from one of my first boxes in colourway whiskey to knit myself and Chris some chunky house socks and then a fingering weight yarn from one of the sock crates to start a crochet shawl.

Chris is loving the sock, they are the cosiest and warmest thing he owns.  I’m enjoying the shawl making, although i am a tad worried one skein is not going to be enough… will have to improvise.

Have a go perhaps, treat yourself. 🙂


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