Yarn Shows

I fully intended to write up about the Edinburgh Yarn Festival… It happened at end of March. I definitely wanted to write about it before i went to Yarningham… which took place over the second weekend of July…

It’s the last day of July so here it goes, something about both of them…

why not…

EYF was my first ever yarn show. I was looking forward attending it for approximately a year, ever since seeing vlogs on youtube done by other knitters. I kinda knew what to expect therefore, but it was still very exciting. I only went for one day – Saturday, just for a few hours but it was enough. Got to squish loads of yarn, make some purchases and hug my favourite youtube knitter. I mean, highlight of the year that could’ve been.

I only needed to visit a handful of stands to come to terms with the fact that i’m too poor for that place. I’m too poor for my own lifestyle… well… my creative shenanigans for sure. But you know, a year of preparation and anticipation, i had done some savings. By comparison i probably bought very little, but i still haven’t actually finished or used what i bought so …


I decided to attend Yarningham mainly because it’s relatively close for me compared to Edinburgh and there was a vendor that i wanted to meet in person – The Corner of Craft. And in general, i thought i’d be nice to check out other shows, see the world.

In the end i actually preferred Yarningham. It was smaller, less manic. I also made a lot more purchases but maybe it’s because it was my second show and i was already accustomed, like a pro, you know.

It’s a lot smaller venue with a lot less vendors compared to EYF and also cheaper. The entry was only £5 instead of £15 and yarns seemed cheaper too, but maybe i just knew where to look this time.


I went to both shows looking for something specific alongside the general curiosity and appreciation for pretty things. At the EYF i was looking for supplies for my PetiteKnit patterns. Baa Ram Ewe came to the rescue. I bought lovely aran weight skeins for my Sunday Cardigan. Yarningham was meant to save my shawl. It was silly of me starting a fingering weight shawl having only one skein, but i did it so there i was looking for a matching yarn so i could continue my shawl. It was very unlikely that i would find the perfect match, but i had to try. And my efforts were not wasted. I found a compatible match from Dina’s Home of Craft. A semi solid colour skein with some variegation.

Yarn shows are cool and worth attending just for the shear overwhelming boost of creativity. If you don’t take into account what it does to your bank account it’s all just positive gains.

Will i go to another one anytime soon? I don’t know. I’m still a novice when it comes to shows. I don’t know when and what is happening in the world, though i have a knitting magazine that keeps me up to date. Though i should like do something with my so far acquired purchases before i go anywhere and buy more stuff.


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