Sunday Cardi. FO#7

I was really looking forward knitting this cardigan. I think i randomly stumbled across a picture of it on instagram and was like yea boi – i need that in my life.

I loved the chunkiness of it as it’s made using aran weight yarn combined with mohair. And the grey with the designers blond-ish hair looked lovely in the picture. So with me being blond it just made sense….

The decision to make this Sunday Cardigan came earlier this year before EYF so i went there to look for the appropriate yarn. How well that went i already wrote about ever so slightly in the previous post, but long story short – i found the perfect yarn from Baa Ram Ewe in almost the same grey colour as the original design… in navy blue…

I ended up going for dark blue because i didn’t want to copy the designer’s sample for whatever silly reason, and also because there is another jumper by same designer that i have on my list and that one also has been shown in grey and simply looks epic. So not to end up having all my wardrobe monochrome i picked navy blue as i thought that pattern would look nice in navy and suit me wonderfully.

It took me for ever to cast on. First i had to find matching and importantly – affordable mohair. I found Filcolana Tilia kid mohair and silk blend that was perfectly matching the navy blue aran from Baa Ram Ewe.

DSC_1068I eventually started it on the May 1st, i managed as much as the collar which is 10cm, then i picked a really warm day to knit some more of it outdoors. (Not clever!) The following 10cm took me all afternoon because i just could not read the pattern to save my life. Nothing is wrong with the patter, it’s actually very well written and easy to follow, i just left my brain in my other trousers that afternoon.

Annoyed with myself i eventually put the project aside for a while and with summer coming i didn’t see the need of finishing it.                                     Oh how naive i was….

At the end of August i came to terms with the fact that there will be no summer in England this year so i picked it up again and pretty much smashed it in a few days. It was knitting up so fast it was incredible. Blocking was tricky, my bathroom sink is only so big… Then it took for ever to dry, but it did, eventually, just in time for a wedding in the beginning of September.

It’s the warmest thing ever. It’s soft and squishy, not itchy at all. I’ve worn it multiple times now, but i still haven’t attached the buttons and frankly i don’t think i will. Open cardigans are more popular in my books anyway. What’s special about this cardigan is that i for the first time ever actually followed the pattern completely…

No, still didn’t swatch.


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