Woodsy hat. FO#9

I was putting an order on WAK and i was a couple quid short for free delivery. Delivery being £5 i found a pompom for £4 so i went for the furry pompom… that’s how an idea of knitting a hat was born.

Fast forward to present day – didn’t even use the pompom…

I’ve never been friends with hats. I always thought the majority of hats just don’t fit me and make me look particularly special. My head is quite big and definitely round, my cheeks are more on a chubbier side and that combo just isn’t ideal.

All my childhood was spent wearing different hats i hated, but my mum kept buying them for me because to her i looked beautiful in everything… Back home in Latvia it’s too cold not to wear a hat so i ended up wearing all the hats i didn’t like because, if it comes to that. i pick a shitty hat over a brain freeze any day.

That was the case up until my friend knit me this wonderful beanie hat. Finally i had a hat i liked, it kept me warm and made me happy. It even had a little satin ribbon with a bow. P.S. i could change the colour of the ribbon anytime i wanted to…

I wore the had religiously up until the moment i lost it. I wasn’t careless, i didn’t lose it somewhere outside or anything close to that, no no. I left it on the shelf at home and 3 days later it was gone. It’s normal. There’s a black hole of some sort, not that i’ve seen it, but i’ve lost many things that way… I also have 2 younger brothers, but surely they have nothing to do with this….?!

I was devastated because of that. I nagged her for years to knit me another one, but her excuse was that she couldn’t remember how to. Bullshit.

Years later she finally knit me another hat, two in fact, but oh my sorrow, they were not the same…

I’m pretty sure i already wrote about it before…

This Woodsy hat by Melody caught my eye a while ago, but not being big on accessory knitting, i kept putting it off. Then the pompom came about and i took it as a sign.

Pattern is really simple to follow although i must say i’ve done it wrong. The trees, i think, are meant to be done in twisted knit stitch, i realised it too late and there was not a chance in hell i’d be ripping anything back. I’m very pleased with my trees so no hard feelings.

For a long time i didn’t actually think the hat will fit me. The pattern only has one size, and it was definitely for a grown-up, but it looked so teeny tiny at first that everyone was making fun of me. I persevered and it paid off. It’s actually turned out to be a perfect fit. Once it was done, i tried it on and with an advice from my boyfriend decided not to attach the furry pompom. The hat is quite intricate being in fingering weight weight plus the delicate pattern, the big pompom seemed slightly out of place.


I bought the yarn at EYF earlier this year. It’s Brooklyn Tweed Peerie 100% American Merino wool in colourway Admiral – 210 yards. It was sold as a sock set containing two skeins and a pattern. But even when i bought it i knew i wanted to do something more than just socks. For the hat i used up pretty much a whole skein of yarn, was left with the smallest amount, but that means i have another skein that could potentially turn into a matching set of mittens – Treehouse Mitts also by Melody

Well i’m excited…



3 thoughts on “Woodsy hat. FO#9

  1. Aww, I feel honored you talked about me 🙂
    I think there was some kind of magic with those hats, I lost two of them I think..
    I really should have written how to knit those, I would like one of those hats now.

    Liked by 1 person

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