First Shawl. FO#11

This was my lunchtime project at work for quite a long time, though, since i maybe had a half an hour a day at best to work on it, i don’t think it took me all that long to finish…

This Ana Lucia Shawl by Wilma Westenberg. 

I started it on a whim, i saw a cute free pattern and without a care in the world i jumped right to it. Grabbed a completely opposite yarn weight to the suggested one, didn’t even consider if i will have enough of it, then grabbed a random size hook and didn’t question anything. First 20 rows were epic. Shawl was growing in size by the minute, then, as the triangle got bigger, it became sluggish and never-ending. 

After 30 rows i realised i definitely won’t have enough yarn to even finish this as a handkerchief so i started to think of my options. I checked Knitcrate because the yarn was from one of the sock membership crates earlier this year – they didn’t have any left in stock. I checked the wide web in general to see maybe anyone is selling it – there was a listing on ebay, but as i don’t trust ebay, that wasn’t an option either.

I came to terms with the fact that i won’t be able to finish the whole shawl in the same yarn so i expanded my option’s search – What if i used a solid block colour, incorporated it into the design?! So then it was the decision of which colour to pick. The original yarn consists of blue, pink, green and white. I’d pretend that a lot of thought went into picking the blue, but the fact is – i went to a yarn show, got the only colour that matched my current yarn shade as close as possible and that is it.

I like the pattern a lot. I had to learn a fair few new stitches but it was easily memorable after a few repeats. If my yarn and hook choice would’ve been slightly better, i could’ve whizzed though it in no time. For what is worth, i’m happy with the outcome and i’m glad i didn’t give up on it.

When i picked up the second skein for it, i thought that will be it, but about half-way down the skein i started to doubt myself. Like i said, at the beginning the triangle grew incredibly fast, then… as you gain more and more stitches, it suddenly stagnates. The yarn still disappears as fast, but shawl stops growing. I definitely wasn’t going to buy yet another skein for it, all i wanted to do was finish at that point. Initially i had a different idea for the last outline row, make it more decorative, but yarn amount disagreed with me. As i realised there’s no way i have enough yarn for another row i stopped. Size-wise it was more of a head scarf for a grandma rather than a shawl, but i didn’t care anymore – i’ll use it a decorative chair backrest doily if i have to…

Blocking was my last resort of saving this project. The hope of it being a usable shawl didn’t leave me and good for me, blocking actually worked. I managed to stretch it and pin into shape. Added some tassels and a usable shawl was born. Little over dramatic but it is what it is.

Can’t see myself starting a new shawl anytime soon. Maybe a knitted one, but only because of ticking a box and saying that i’ve knitted one. Shawls are beasts, and despite patterns and different stitches, it is one huge block of knitting or crochet that makes me consider insanity well before starting… Not big on wearing them either so there’s really not much point in me making more.


2 thoughts on “First Shawl. FO#11

  1. Despite the fact that the blue in a shawl was used only because you didn’t have enough yarn, I really like how it looks. It really accents those edges.
    I recently saw some beautiful free knit and crochet patterns of blankets, but that is probably too much of a project.. what do you think?

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    1. Mind you, it took me a while to find an appropriate yarn 😀 some serious thinking went into that…. but thank you ^^
      Blankets can be time consuming, however, really epic once they are done. Gives you a very good feeling…

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