Treehouse Mitts. FO#13

Happy New Year!

It’s still January – i’m allowed to say that…

This is my first finished object of the year AND not only that – it was finished within the first 7 days of the new year which i am dead proud of. Surely that marks a great start of the year (smug smiley face).

Treehouse Mitts was my Christmas cast on last year. I say last year… it was less than 30 days ago, but you know what mean (another smug face). This pattern was on my radar for long while along with the Woodsy Hat that i made recently. Not sure how intentional by the designer but it’s a cute matching set nonetheless so it was meant to be.


The pattern, despite giving me grief on a couple of occasions, is quite well written. There’s written instructions and charts, all steps are explained, i just have serious trouble reading things. Always all over the place. Even when i’ve read something fives times and am hundred percent convinced that the pattern is unclear by the second mitten i realised that i was the unclear dumb-ass…

It was quite a challenging pattern, at least for me. I’ve never done a thumb gusset formation like that and i’m not gonna lie it took me a couple of attempts because i thought stitch markers are for losers. No, i was the loser because you definitely need the markers to know what you’re doing especially if you don’t know what you’re doing…

I mostly tried following the pattern with minor exceptions due to me not being able to read and the cable motif. The cable parts are meant to be done in twisted knit stitch (through the back loop) but because i had done it the normal way on the hat already, i matched the mittens and knit all the stitches the normal way.

I’m really happy with my mittens even though they might not be completely identical. The fit is perfect and i love the extra long cuffs. You can fold them over of course but i prefer them being longer and tucked into the jacket sleeves then you’re safe, no wind or snow is ever going to get you.


Use stitch markers – that’s the morale of this story


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