Saturday Night Sweater. FO#14

First sweater in the round

First all mohair garment

First short row experience

I had my eye on this pattern for over a year. I had the actual pattern in my possession for about a year. The initial plan was to buy some yarn in last year’s EYF, but back then i didn’t know yet the average price of an Indie dyed mohair… Needless to say, it took me a while before i was introduced to decent budget yarns including mohair – Drops Yarns – very decent.

So, this sweater… all it took me was one Instagram photo from PetiteKnits and i was in love. When the sweater is displayed or just hanging on a hanger, there’s absolutely nothing to look at. The shape looks odd, disproportional and apart from obviously being fuzzy, it just looks like plain old sweater. But wait until you see it on a body…

Their example was in a nice dark grey colour and i, of course, wanted exactly that. In that photo the girl had blond hair, i have blond hair… it looked amazing so i thought it would look amazing on me too. But when it came to ordering yarn for it, i suddenly didn’t want to be a copy cat and decided to go for a bit of colour.

I did the cast on very early in the year, did the neckband in three blinks and then got stuck. Next step – back shaping using short rows… like i know what that is. 10 YouTube videos later i figured it out and was very happy. Less happy that it took me 5 times of starting from scratch… but happy nonetheless.

Nine mohair balls went into creating this sweater almost to the last yard, had very little left. It’s so light and airy, and warm. I was worried about the mohair being uncomfortable on naked skin but my worries were un justified. I’m not experiencing any discomfort, itchiness or rash, though i do have a childhood memory of such feeling in regards to mohair, so maybe it’s just this one type of mohair – Kidsilk mohair by Drops Yarn.

I love the sleeves on this sweater. Absolutely adore them. I think they look gorgeous and, well, the sweater as a whole seems to suit me, but what do i know. I’m comfy and liking what i see in the mirror so i call it a win.

I do want more Saturday Night sweaters – in every other possible colour, definitely at least in the original grey that i saw. I’ll wait till autumn, but another SNW is definitely coming this year!


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