Cumulus Blouse. FO#15

First top-down raglan in a round

First i-cord bind-off

Mohair’s got me good. So has PetiteKnits, i just want to knit all their designs. This is the third garment i’ve finished from her designs (Sunday Caridgan & Saturday Night Sweaterand still have one more pattern to go woop-woop

Logical conclusion dictates that this should’ve been called a Friday blouse (lol), but in reality it’s called Cumulus Blouse and it’s amazing. When i bought this pattern together with a few more, it wasn’t the pattern i really really liked or wanted, i took it as a close second so to speak, but before half way point i was in love.

I liked the amount of yarn required to make this as i was looking for cheaper projects, but i also liked the V-neck and the fact that it was quite sheer and, despite being very fuzzy – summery. I went with my favourite colour on this one – the bluest blue, i’d knit (paint) the whole world in that blue.

Knitting with multiple strands is tricky, but i’m somewhat a pro now as this is my 3rd garment that required that technique. This was only 2 strands, try four like for Saturday night Sweater (smug face).

Am i sick of mohair? – No! Just like with Saturday Night Sweater, i want this blouse in every possible colour. I did learn from this one though. Next one i knit i will try and pick up more stitches around the neckline as, although following the pick-up rule, i ended up with less stitches in total compared to the pattern suggestion. It did reduce the depth of my V-neck and before blocking it actually looked quite uneven, however, now it’s fine. I can live with it, but it’s definitely something to work on next time. I will also probably lengthen the body just a little as i feel the overall look will benefit from it.

I know it’s probably because this is the latest garment, but i personally think this is my best knitting yet. All the stitches look even (fuzziness helps though), there are no random holes and loser stitches where i picked up for armholes which is epic. Oh, and that i-cord bind-off on all edges – what a pain in the arse yet delight to look at.

Next one perhaps could be in terracotta orange, me thinks…


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