We’re the stars of CCTV

Long story short :

Five years ago i thought of having a YouTube channel.

Four years ago i bought a so-called vlogging camera.

For a year tried getting used to filming things.

Then two years ago a made a YouTube channel and did nothing with it.

Last year i filmed bits for a video and this year i finally put it together.

So here we are, in crazy 2020 and i’m showing my first video to the world.

Why video?!

I love photography and taking photos, but not everything can be captured in a still photo. I like story-telling and making. Making a video of me making something sounds like a perfect combo.

What’s the purpose?!

That was the question my partner casually asked me when i first showed him my video. I kinda shrugged my shoulders and said that there isn’t really one, it’s just snippets of me making the piggy. To what he then replied – okay…

Still not sure how to take that, but it is what it is 😀 – me making a piggy with some random snippets.

From the start, my grand plans were just to make a little vlog of how a piggy was born, so to speak. I never intended for it to be a tutorial nor i wanted to voice over… What would i even say? I just wanted to be a film director for a moment and tell a story through moving pictures. Oh, but i have to say, just by adding those fades and transitions i felt like James Cameron himself.

Obviously the initial plans were grand, but, of course, not everything is perfect at the end, but it’s my first ever video edit so i should be proud i guess.

P.S. The photo montage of emo memes and teenage love photos on Windows Movie Maker  with a sad song in the background does not count towards your videography career…

Like most people, i struggle seeing myself on video or hearing on audio, hence the no face, no talking video. Maybe, well, hopefully, one day i will get over it, but i also like the style of the video i’ve done. I enjoyed the process of making this little silent movie. I wanted to share little glimpses of my crafting weekend that could maybe be at least a little inspiring or just fun to watch.

What do i want out of my YouTube channel?

Make millions of course! Haha… (nervous laugh)

I don’t intend to make it predominantly knitting, or knitting and crochet, or even knitting, crochet and weaving, nor knitting, crochet, weaving and sewing.  I can’t put myself in a box like that, i don’t want to. At the moment yes, i mainly only do those activities, but that might change. I’d like for my theme to be inspiration. Simply as that. I like to make things and i want to show them to everyone who cares to watch. I also like to travel, which is also quite inspiring, so i might be showing that too. At the end of the day, video making itself is a creative process that i enjoy, so no matter what i make videos about – i like making videos.

Would i like to earn money through YouTube?

Hell yea, money is cool. The things we do for money… nine to five, 5 days a week… Yeah, i’d like to earn monies, doing something like this, but i’m not doing it through the ads. I hate ads. I don’t watch TV because there’s too much advertising and my Chrome has every adblocker on the market just so i don’t have the annoying pop-ups, banners, display ads or the random video ads at the beginning of each video as well as throughout it. God, that pisses me off! But that, again, falls into category – the things we do for the money… It would be quite special (to say the least) of me to try and earn money from something i despise. So hopefully there shouldn’t be any ads on my videos as i’ve unticked that button, but i’m yet to familiarise myself with how YouTube actually works.

YouTube is a great ‘middle man’ for a lot of opportunities which sound a lot more pleasing to me. Who knows if i will ever get as far to experience any of them, i just wanted to sort of explain my chain of thought regarding this new hobby of mine. I might only reach the two biggest fans i have and maybe some family members and that’s also fine. The first handfuls of videos will mainly be made for myself, not just as a memory but also just practising video recording and editing.  So, just like with every other craft, i’ll just keep doing and see what happens.


So, a little about the video

It was August Bank Holiday weekend last year when i decided to make my very first amigurumi crochet toy. Well, the rest is in the video 🙂


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