Show and Tell #1

Behold, not only i spoke to the camera, i also translated what i said… to my best ability…

So i’ve been dabbing in video making this whole year now… It’s not been easy. The footage i’ve done so far has been below par, but creating new and better has also been hard.

I started with silent vlogs and random make-alongs, but October was the month i gathered the courage and spoke to the camera.

There’s nothing wrong with my camera, it’s quite a nice thing, so the problem wasn’t it, it was me. Despite being a fan of talking to myself out loud… suddenly if a camera is involved, i become either speechless or i stutter like crazy and forget nearly everything i knew up until that point.

Well before attempting to record videos, i was contemplating what language should i use… I’m good with English and it would seem like the most sensible language to use as so many know it. However, this year i discovered Latvian crafts community and noticed a potential market, so to speak.

But the English language plays a big part in my life and i’m not ready, nor will i ever be ready to cut all ties with it, so i’ve decided to try such thing as subtitles.

Man, it’s a long-ass process… i spent a whole week (on and off, obvs) doing it for maybe two friends to benefit from it 😀 still – so totally worth it, you’re welcome. Will i be doing it for all my videos? Who knows, let’s not jump to conclusions.

So here it is – my first ever episode of Show and Tell ^^ (turn on subtitles manually yourself on YouTube if you so wish)


One thought on “Show and Tell #1

  1. I’m so happy you’re doing so well with all the crafts and videos! Really love watching them and I’m glad that now also English speaking people can read/understand :))


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