Making Video #2

I am proud to announce that it took me less than a month to upload my second video to my YouTube channel.

It took me 29 days, but that’s still less than a month (ignore February).

It is an odd feeling putting myself out there, but i like sharing what i make. This video, just like the first one, is not a tutorial, nor a talkative vlog. It’s just a story of a skein and how i turned it into a sock.

The footage is old, from early to late last year. I say from and to, because it took me months to finish the second sock, hence the video features many outfits and many nail varnishes, haha. It was hard to find time for recording, and knitting or recording the knitting, so by the end of it, turned out that the first sock had faded in the sun while hanging on the wall. Now that’s a proper facepalm moment. My friend Liene assured me it’s not that noticeable in the video, but i don’t know… once i saw it, i couldn’t unsee it. I also messed up that sock and had to rip back and start again half way through, so that didn’t help to speed up the process.

I was actually planning on uploading my travel videos from last year before this video, but those are taking a lot  longer to edit. I feel like i edited this video very quickly, considering i only sometimes have time over the weekend or an hour here or there during the week after work. I hope i’m getting better with the edits too, would be awkward to go backwards, haha. No doubt that will happen at some point though.

Liene in nudging me to start making videos with my face in them and with some talking, where i’d be showing all the things i’ve made and all the projects i have on the go. More of a traditional makers content, i guess. We shall see, i don’t feel ready yet, that could be something for the future…





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