Robin Sweater. FO#10

Went totally improv with this one…

The idea was to downsize my stash. Not that it’s a particularly big stash, but i had enough, or so i thought, yarn to make a sweater so i did a drawing and jumped right to it.

Obviously, i didn’t have nearly enough… I had enough for the front and one and a half sleeves, then i had to buy more wool haha.

I named this one myself, i’m not that creative when it comes to naming things. I took the obvious and straight forward route.

For the base i used the same pattern i used for my cardigan that was one of my first FOs which was actually meant for a jumper. So i ended up modifying the cardigan pattern to suit a jumper that was originally already modified to be a cardigan from a jumper… You see where i’m going with this. I over complicated things, i know.

It’s basic boxi style sweater consisting of 4 parts – back, front and two ever so slightly balloon sleeves. Initially, i think i planned a lot more prominent balloon sleeves but i ended up knocking back a notch. I did quite a narrow one by one rib cuff and then rapidly increased after every other stitch, maybe i repeated it for a one more row, but then i pretty much carried the same amount of stitches all the way up until it was time to bind it off.

While i’m overall very happy with my creation, sleeves are definitely the best part of this project. If i nailed anything – it’s sleeve style. If i’m making another jumper or cardigan using petite wool from WAK i’m using those sleeves.

Ideally, if i hadn’t been wool-conscious from the start, i would’ve maybe made the body a bit bigger with some positive ease as currently there’s absolutely none. While i actually wanted a little oversized sweater in heart, the head knew all along i couldn’t afford it so i got exactly what i was supposed to get. I also had a plan to make a nice turtle-neck slash cowl type of neck, but that fell apart when i realised i don’t actually know how to make one nor if it would suit the design.

Truth be told, the design itself wasn’t that well thought through to begin with… I made i quick sketch and as always thought that will be enough. I rush these things and just hope for the best. Now, Mrs Hindsight in me has awaken and is giving me loads of shit for all sorts of things – red section’s too wide, burgundy lines don’t really make sense, sleeves, while totally cool, also don’t make that much sense… but oh well…

It’s soft and squishy, and i like it for that. Blocking was a pain, my bathroom sink is getting too small for my shenanigans. It was also blocking for days because… well… England… wet… always… But i got to wear it and i’m happy. Even if i end up only wearing it around the house – it was worth it.


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